Terms and Conditions


1.Personal information

1.1. When enquiring and upon booking you agree to give correct and accurate personal information and supply all relevant qualifications and evidence required to complete enrolment.


2.Booking a course

2.1.Bookings can be made via the website, email or over the phone.

2.2.Prior to your booking being accepted you must send your qualifications over. This is to ensure you are eligible to take and complete the course in line with our insurer’s requirements



3.1.Deposit is due at the time of booking, please note your booking will not be confirmed until the deposit of £50 is paid. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3.2.All major, debit and credit cards are accepted as well as bank transfers and PayPal.

3.3.Receipts will be sent within 48 hours of payment being received along with booking confirmation.



4.1.If you have paid in full and wish to cancel outside of ..days before your course start date you will receive a ..% refund, refunds will be processed within 28 days and can only be returned to the original paying bank account.

4.2.If you choose to cancel within ..days of the course start date, no refund will be issued. If you fail to attend the course no refund will be issued and your training will not be transferred to another date.



5.1. Limitless Beauty Training Academy, 18 Victoria road, woolston, Southampton, SO19 9DX


6.Health and Safety at the training course

6.1.You must comply with all health and safety rules and regulations at all times.


7.Ownership and intellectual property rights

7.1.All course material, course content is owned by Limitless Beauty Academy. Sharing, uploading, copying without consent is strictly prohibited.


8.Code of conduct

8.1.This will be sent to you prior to the course, you are expected to read and abide by this. Failure to do so can result in removal from the course, not passing the course and legal action.



9.1. The Beauty and Aesthetic industry is currently unregulated within the UK, our course has been thoroughly assessed and approved. That said, we cannot be held responsible should: The guidelines change, further requirements or additional qualifications be required.


10.1. Limitless Beauty Training Academy reserves the right to remove any delegate / learner from any training course at any time should your behaviour be deemed as inappropriate, should this happen Limitless Beauty Training Academy will not refund nor shall Limitless Beauty Academy be responsible for any other fees or costs incurred. 



11.1.You will be covered by our insurance policy whilst on the course, within the course training hours. Outside of the course and upon completion you will need to purchase your own indemnity insurance. 


12.Certification / Qualification 

12.1.Certificates will be issued by Limitless Beauty  Academy to you and you only upon successful completion of the course 

12.2.Attendance of a course does not guarantee successful completion, Limitless Beauty Academy will not pass or award delegates / learners who are not deemed competent. 


13.Data protection 

13.1.All personal data received from the models must be treated confidentially in line with the data protection act, information shall not be retained by you nor shall it be copied or shared with any other party. 

13.2.Sharing model before and after pictures is prohibited without prior permission, these will belong to Limitless Beauty Training Academy.  



14.1.It is the delegate / learners responsibility to ensure that this course is for them, it suits their career needs and they are able to obtain insurance. 

14.2.Each delegate / learner will be responsible for their own clients upon completion. Poaching and attempting to poach clients affiliated with Limitless Beauty Training Academy is prohibited / Slander of any form is prohibited.



15.1.Limitless Beauty Training Academy is not responsible for any expenses or charges incurred by delegates / trainers 

When enquiring and upon booking you agree to give correct and accurate personal information and supply all relevant qualifications and evidence required to complete enrolment.


We look forward to meeting you.