Pre-course Information

Before attending our course, please take a few moments to read through the following information, to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your day at Limitless Training Academy.

We will ask for kit orders through the class chat prior to the training date so do not worry about deciding if you would like to purchase one now if you are unsure.

When booking a course we will send across a welcome email which will include a attachment of our course registration forms and our terms and conditions. Students are required to complete the form and return it to us through post or email.

We ask students if they could download the ‘viber messenger’ app and sign yourself in so we can then add all students to the class chat through the mobile number provided to us when booking.

There is plenty of free parking around the salon. Please try your best to arrive for your course 15 minutes before it is due to start, this allows time to settle in, welcome yourself and meet other students.  If you arrive late for a course, and have missed a substantial amount of the start you may be asked to re-attend at a later date, which may possibly incur a charge

Please wear a therapist uniform if you have one, otherwise please wear suitable clothing, sensible shoes and minimal jewellery.

We will provide hot and cold drinks such as, tea, coffee, squash and water. For lunch there is a café, co-op, or subway along the same street but you are also welcome to bring a pack lunch and eat in the Academy.

Upon successfully completing and passing the course you will be awarded a certificate to show your new qualification. However if the trainer feels you need more input before a pass can be achieved, she may ask you to re-attend at a later date. This would be free of charge and for your own benefit to get yourself to a standard your able to practice your new skill on your own to the general public.

After completing your theory online (if applicable for this course) you will be given a code at the end which you will need to bring on the day of the course. All web links and login details will be emailed across to all students some when prior to the course date for you to carry out the theory side. If this doesn’t apply to your course all theory will be done on the same day of the course.

The trainers will go through any contraindications to the treatment on the day of the course but it would be helpful for us to know if for any reasons to prevent your model from the treatment in advance, so that if need be we can arrange a model for you. In some circumstances we may also ask for GP approval.